Ask and you shall receive.

Ask me anything!   Submit   Hi, Charlie here! I decided to make a seperate tumblr for any questions or comments you may have for me, because I'm sick of it cluttering up my tumblr!

You can find my main tumblr here!

Anonymous asked: would it be weird if sumbited dick pics to you


yerp please do not do that kthanks!

— 2 weeks ago

Body Artz bodypainting !


Body Artz bodypainting !

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a thing just happened

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Anonymous asked: are you a virgin?


100% xxxo

— 1 month ago
Anonymous asked: are you single?


I wouldn’t say I am, but things aren’t always set in stone right.

— 5 months ago
Anonymous asked: Have you changed your URL? The link to your main page from your separate ask tumblr no longer works. In case you've gone for good but read this, thank you for your time and the generosity of spirit with which you shared your life. We were rewarded.


Oh, I didn’t actually realize anyone with my ask tumblr wouldn’t be following my main tumblr… x

— 8 months ago